Organic Full Spectrum CBG + CBD Hemp Extract Tincture


Our Full Spectrum CBG + CBD Hemp Extract tincture is USDA Certified Organic, made in the USA, plant-based, earth-conscious, Colorado sun-grown, and third party lab tested. You can be sure that when you purchase from us, you’re buying high-quality plant-medicine designed by nature to put a little extra ease in your day. Revitalize your life with us.  1000 mg of CBG and 250 mg of CBD per 1 oz/30 mL bottle. This product has been distilled to ensure THC content is below the legal limit of 0.3% per bottle.

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4 reviews for Organic Full Spectrum CBG + CBD Hemp Extract Tincture

  1. Awwen S Tyrsson

    Amazing nights sleep after using this 30 minutes before bedtime. I wake up happier and with less joint pain.

  2. Kevin

    A very unique product with the CBG/CBD full spectrum mix. Potency is great. I have historically gone to bed with a lot of anxiety and not slept well. This product has really helped me relax and sleep better at night. Feels good knowing the product is organic and of high quality.

  3. Cynthia Morgan

    Personal unexpected loss of husband of 40 years, could not sleep longer than three hours before trying this product…. I am sleeping 6-7 hours, if I wake up in the middle of the night, I go back to sleep immediately. Ordering more…

  4. Tammy Morgan-Ferguson

    I had trouble falling asleep for months, after using this product I finally can get a good nights sleep and I don’t feel exhausted the next day. Highly recommend

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