Our Story

Farming for a Higher Purpose

The word “vitality” can hold different meanings. For us, it represents the energy, strength, and spirit developed through incorporating plant medicine and adopting a healthy, nature-based lifestyle. The benefits of hemp in our own lives inspired our farming story. We seek to produce an unrivaled, high-quality product, while remaining committed to sustainability.

Healthy soil means healthy hemp. Our team is deeply passionate about not only growing healthy plants, but also leaving the land it’s grown on better than we found it.

Hemp Farming Beginnings

When we started in the hemp farming industry, we noticed that there was a lack of USDA-Certified Organic CBD products on the shelf. There was also little to no information on where the hemp was coming from. In efforts to create more connection and build consumer confidence in the hemp industry, we decided to pour our hearts and souls into bringing you the best USDA-Certified Organic hemp on the market. Along the way, we’ve also partnered with the best processors in the industry to provide you with high quality USDA-Certified Organic CBD extracts and distillates.

Our Goals

Wellness drives us. Our team’s goal is to ensure that we are providing vitality to you and your customers through our safe and consistent products. Every team member of the Vitality Farms family came to the table with an underlying passion and belief in the power of hemp and organic farming. We don’t cut corners and we don’t compromise on quality.

We believe in farming for a higher purpose: the health of our customers, your customers, and our land. You are cordially invited to join us in this movement.