Our farm

Elevated Organics

Sitting at an altitude of 7,800 ft., we are one of the highest-elevated USDA certified organic farms in Colorado. For our team, the term elevated organics exemplifies our aim to remain professional, reliable and humble, while continuing to raise the bar in hemp farming. 

Healthy soil means healthy hemp. Our Vitality Farms Co. team is deeply committed to regenerative agriculture, making sure to enrich the soil that enriches our lives and the lives of our customers.

We pay strict attention to our water cycle, while implementing cover crops and multi-species rotational grazing — helping to bring balance to our delicate local ecosystem and ensuring that we get the most out of our land. 


We’re proud to bring you clean and pure CBD according to the rigorous standards outlined by the USDA. You can be sure that the hemp plants on our farm contain absolutely no harmful chemicals, pesticides, or synthetic fertilizers.


We care deeply about our planet’s vitality and feel a huge responsibility to do our part to protect it. 


We’re driven by wellness; from our standards, to our soil and our plants – everything stems around our desire to provide a clean, healthy product.

Tour Our USDA Certified Organic Farm

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