Vitality Farms: An Introduction To Better Hemp Farming

Here at Vitality Farms Co., we fully believe in the wellness potential of the hemp plant. So much so that we decided to try and help as many people as possible with our efforts. Whether you’re already onboard the hemp/CBD & CBG train, skeptical about its widespread acclaim, or just hearing about it for the very first time. One thing is certain: Hemp is here to stay!

Our unique farm location in colorful Colorado makes our hemp products truly one-of-a-kind. We’re constantly working on our techniques to ensure our customers are always getting extremely clean and consistent, healthy hemp. Our Vitality Farms Co. team is excited for the present and future of this amazingly complex plant. What really sets us apart from the vast number of farmers operating today? Keep reading as we detail our mission and our hopes for the future of our brand.  

Our Vitality Farms "Organic Mission"

We are on a mission to grow high-quality, clean, pure, USDA certified-organic hemp for the CBD/CBG market at large. Many others cut corners with unnatural pesticides and dangerous fertilizers. We operate in accordance with our passion – sustainable farming and conscious regenerative agricultural practices. We’re proud to provide our customers with hemp-derived CBD and CBG they can trust. From seed to harvest, our final product is 100% Organic. 

What Sets Us Apart From the Rest?

Nestled in the nurturing cradle of southwestern Colorado’s picturesque San Luis Valley, the Vitality Farms Co. property was specifically chosen for its clean soil and natural resources. However, our location isn’t the only thing that makes us unique amidst a sea of tremendous growth in the hemp farming sector. We’re USDA certified organic. This means you can be sure that what you get from us is grown in collaboration with nature, not working against it.

We’ve carefully assembled our farm team, all of whom take great care, responsibility, and love with them into the fields. Every single plant is meticulously cultivated. Throughout the plant’s life cycle, we make sure the final output reflects the energy that goes into the process.

Looking Forward

2020 was our first year farming the ground at our Vitality Farms Co. location. We’re excited to challenge ourselves again this year to become even more in touch with the land in efforts to make our relationship as symbiotic as possible. We fully believe in environmental conservation and using every natural resource available to us, to not only grow amazing hemp, but to also give back and enrich the soil and natural habitat of the area.

We look forward to sharing more content straight from the farm, along with educational content, important studies, and the latest in Hemp, CBD, and CBG research.

From everyone here at Vitality Farms Co., we hope you’re staying safe and healthy.


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