Vitality Farms: Creating the Finest Organic Hemp Extracts and Distillates for You and Your Customers

Vitality Farms stands out for our USDA-Certified Organic hemp and our high-quality USDA-Certified Organic CBD and CBG extracts and distillates.  

Nestled in the San Luis Valley of Southern Colorado, we use fresh, pristine water from Rocky Mountain snowmelt to irrigate our Organic hemp.  We ensure that we provide the best USDA-Certified Organic CBD and CBG extracts and distillates perfectly crafted for the premium health and wellness market through:

  • The purity of both the water and the soil in which our organic hemp is grown.
  • Our dedication to organic farming practices.
  • Our strategic partnerships with organic processors.

The Vitality Farms Way

Vitality Farms is focused on being a wholesale supplier of USDA-Certified Organic CBD and CBG extracts and distillates to premium health and wellness brands.  Every step in our production process is certified-organic, starting with our hemp farming practices.  Following strict USDA Organic guidelines; we don’t use pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers.  We assure you and your customers that the organic hemp that is grown at Vitality Farms is as pure as the Rocky Mountain snowmelt that irrigates it.

Vitality Farms only partners with USDA-Certified Organic processors for producing our USDA-Certified Organic hemp-derived CBD and CBG extracts and distillates.  Using either CO2 or ethanol based extraction methods, our organic processing partners turn Vitality Farms organic hemp into top quality USDA-Certified Organic CBD and CBG extracts and distillates.  Independent labs test every batch to ensure the purity and integrity of our products.

Throughout every step of our products’ journey, we adhere to the rigorous standards required to carry the USDA-Certified Organic seal.  We do it for our customers and our customers’ customers.  When consumers see the USDA-Certified Organic seal, they know that there is traceable evidence that you’re selling hemp products that were processed organically to the highest standards.  Consumer confidence is key, and it starts with knowing Vitality Farms grew the hemp.

Why CBD and CBG?

While there are 113 known cannabinoids in the hemp plant, CBD and CBG are most well-known to the average consumer.  CBD and CBG users report similar benefits such as help with inflammation, sleep, anxiety, and nausea.  However, CBG has been reported to have stronger analgesic properties and even antibacterial or anti-tumorigenic properties.  Neither substance produces a “high” like THC, and no Vitality Farms products contain more than the allowed 0.3% THC.  In fact, most Vitality Farms products have had the THC removed to below the laboratory detectable limit.

Contact us if you have any questions about our hemp-derived products or our organic processes.


Wholesale CBD and CBG for Premium Wellness Companies

All of Vitality Farms Co. organic hemp-derived extracts and distillates are compliant with US Federal Law, and the laws of many countries around the world, as they contain less than 0.3% THC.  And all of Vitality Farms extracts and distillates are USDA-Certified Organic.  CBD and CBG consumers are becoming more knowledgeable by the day.  They understand that certifications and traceability matter, and thus the consumer who was once buying whatever was on the shelf is now actively searching for trusted natural and organic hemp products.  This is especially true in the premium health and wellness market.  If you’re looking for ways to make your products stand out amongst the crowd, start with ingredients like Vitality Farms USDA-Certified Organic CBD and CBG extracts and distillates.  Consumers who care buy brands that care.

Ready to start incorporating USDA-Certified Organic hemp-derived CBD and CBG extracts and distillates into your health and wellness products? Contact Vitality Farms by email at or through our contact form.